Kel always said that she would have her own career in her forties, and briefly realized that dream before falling into the role of "trailing spouse" and relocating from the Pacific Northwest to Michiana in 2011.

She often looks around her and asks "how did I get here" with the Talking Heads accompanying her thoughts.

The mother to two teenage now grown daughters she wears her graying strands of hair and deeply pressed anxiety lines with pride, knowing that someday they too will have daughters. Kel had, of course, planned to have sons as any sane woman with a mother-daughter history would, but fate interceded and smacked her down with Elle and Mara.

It has been 20 27 years since Kel married Bob. The general consensus is that she did it to piss off her mother, which was in fact just an added bonus. Kel moved in with Bob while in graduate school and he claims that he had to keep her after she began a whole house remodel and was the only one who knew where all the parts were. She has used this strategy in 4 more homes now and it seems to keep him on his toes. In 2004 she began full-contact gardening. Her renovation and gardening exploits can be found at Kels Garden Journal.

Often referred to as pitbull-like, Kel prefers the terms strong-willed and eccentric. In her earlier days she tried to deny these tendencies and play nice in suburbia, but somewhere in her thirties she embraced it. This household is 100% gluten free and follows green practices. The early years are documented in Idle Ramblings, now closed to the public.

This blog is the journey of a mid-forties 50-something mother and wife woman, trying to figure out"what am I doing here" and reflecting upon "how did I get here." There will be feisty soap box rants and caffeine driven rambles along the way.

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