kitchen remodel tips #4: random thoughts

 Random kitchen remodel thoughts:

Microwaves are moving to lower base cabinets as built-ins these days, if the homeowner chooses to have a microwave at all. Small appliances like the Insta Pot are making the microwave less desirable. 90% of the homeowners I talk to feel they are supposed to have one, but only heat water in it. Many do not want the bulky look over the stove look. 

My microwave (about 2 years old) is an OTR, and I do agree, if I had another space for it, or it wasn't so new... It would be gone.

Walk-in pantry closets are now incorporated into a pantry wall with a pass through cabinet, or they are being torn out to open the space. Butler pantries are an exception.

Floating Shelves/ Open (void door) cabinets are being used more, both to open the space visually, and to make things more accessible. If a homeowner is ADHD this also supports visual placement. 

Farmhouse (apron front) sinks are on the way out, with the rest of the farmhouse look. They are being replaced with workstation sinks, like the Kraus.  And undermount sinks are not the go to anymore, I am seeing more drop-in sinks again. 

Coffee/ Wine bar units are popular and should be incorporated when possible. The concepts supports the flow and function of the kitchen, especially when it is open-concept space. 

Accessories like rolling trays in pantry cabinets and wastebasket pull outs are the most requested. The least requested are mixer stand pull outs and charging drawer inserts. Many of these accessories can be found in the home organization section of your big box, for those doing a partial remodel or looking for kitchen organization strategies. 


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