master bathroom remuddle

The project started, as many projects do, with a water leak.

The entire subfloor needed replaced, and the beams needed anchored with noggins to secure the framework for tile.

New plumbing was run in the wall for the shower, and an old hook up for stacking washer dryer (previously used as MIL unit) was removed. 

Some of the electrical was moved, and the air vent was moved. 

I found the shower pan at Royal Bath & Marble in Ontario. I am really pleased with the product and can't wait to see how it works when the project is complete.

The new shower will be 36" x 60"

This time the wall and floor has been prepped properly with the correct materials for water. 
The Noir Veined tile is being set vertical on the walls, and will also cover the floor. The shower pan is set flush with the floor, and glass walls will surround the unit.


  1. Love the tile. I went with a Kohler cast iron shower base, it has a step up, especially in the hight rise building, I liked the permanency of enameled cast iron.


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