The Tuesday that's a Friday

Today is the Tuesday that's my Friday. I'm so ready for my weekend.

...and I do appreciate the fact that I can no longer bring work home. 


  1. For a decade I had a policy that I didn't work at home, and I didn't take naps in my office, now my office is in my bedroom.

  2. The last two years teaching, our prep periods were reassigned for substitute teaching because of the shortage of teachers and substitutes. So any planning time fell outside of contracted teaching hours. And needing to prep art supplies for students often took the hour before, and two hours after school hours. The first year I fell for holding an art club, which ate away even more of my time. So, I generally graded papers and responded to parent emails up until ab,out 10:00 p.m. and then of course, in this modern age all your lessons must be written step by step and uploaded with resources to your learning management system...
    All this for low pay, poor medical benefits, and outdated retirement plans.


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