education in a pandemic

I feel fortunate that my children are no longer school age. But I know that if they were I would either be homeschooling or have chosen 100% online option. 

When I reflect back on why I chose to resign my teaching position last month, the deciding factor was that the nurse, head custodian, and administrators were not taking this seriously and following the CDC protocols and district policies. It does not matter how well thought out that 34-page plan was, if it's not followed at the building level. 

So many of the comments I hear address the very simple fact that we do not trust our community members to take the science and data seriously.

My thoughts on synchronous and asynchronous online learning is for another soapbox. I had completed 14 hours of PGP and a graduate level course by the end of June to prepare me for teaching online, something very different from the emergency remote learning done last spring.


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