cat guilt/ masks and covid protocols/ the new gig

Someone has been a little put out that the world is opening back up and her people are not home all day catering to her every whim. 

She has once again hidden the treat ball, and insists that we are allowing her to starve between feedings. 

She has been very needy, wanting attention and insists we try to play with her so that she can ignore us.

This new venture is requiring masks 8-10 hours a day. I found the Allett masks fit the best and stay in place for work. We also have several homemade mask that work very well. 

We have established a daily routine for handling the masks and the laundry rotation. We also carry extra masks just about everywhere now. 

After the first week wearing a mask it almost feels strange NOT to have one on now. I don't know why I was letting you all breathe your germs on me before. 

 The new job is going well. I am approaching 1 month at the new gig. There are many safety protocols put in place and a cleaning and disinfecting plan. I interact with about a dozen people a day. I have disinfecting supplies and hand sanitizer at my desk. 

I am getting a lot better with the CAD design program, and have picked up a lot of new product knowledge and design principles. So far things are going well and I closed my first kitchen design sales yesterday, with another pending today. I am beginning to build my pipeline.

I have been exhausted at the end of each day, absorbing so much new information. Yesterday turned in to a 10 hour day, with no lunch, but luckily one of the first things I was taught was to keep protein bars at my desk :) 

And I am enjoying the days off - with no hoovering obligations to lesson plan, answer email, or grade things. Even after a 10 hour day yesterday I know my schedule will be adjusted so as not to exceed 40 hours, and when I walk out I have no access to email or work tasks. 

I feel like I am getting my groove back. 


  1. A very juicy report. Sounds like the cat is being a cat, the new normal is becoming normal, and the job was a good move. How cool!

  2. It is good to hear from you, your needy readers were starting to feel like Ginger. Good to hear the job is going well. Nice to have a job that ends at the door.


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