cat drama

Today marks one month at the new, old gig. Ginger has begun to adjust to the schedule. Alexa has been playing "Relaxmtcat" for her, and she spends her time going from one empty home office to the other, with an occasional check on the garden to ward of squirrels and chipmunks. 

She still tries to convince us that she may starve during our absence, but she once again hid her treat ball. She thinks it is too much work for the handful of treats and prefers them in her food bowl. But I am holding out, and I know she understands me. We play this game often.



  1. I've been watching "Versailles" on Netflix of late (scrumptious!) and this battle of feminine wits and wills between you and Ginger resembles those between the ladies of Louis XIV's court. (Take that as a compliment.)


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