stepping away from teaching

After a lot of reflection I chose to resign my teaching position this week. 

I had been riding the coronacoaster, white knuckled and hanging on through daily ups and downs and crazy turns. 

I start a new job on Monday in an industry with less risk. The pay will be the same, although there may be bonuses, with better health benefits and a 401K. The hours will be a lot less, and the schedule more manageable. I will not have to purchase supplies, or answer email and text outside of work hours. 

The wardrobe will be a little different. No more art t-shirts with Mona Lisa Dabbing, or Complimentary Color jokes. No more Birkenstocks with Sesame Street character socks. 

There will be a lunch hour, not 20 minutes between parents calls and running to the copier. I will be able to pee when I need.

And I might get to drive a forklift again...


  1. Congratulations, sounds like a sound choice. A loss to teaching, maybe it is time to write an editorial or opinion piece on how to attract and retain talent in the classroom.

  2. A very good move, I think. Saving all the extra hours on your own time that teaching entails should itself be a most satisfying benefit. Benefits and retirement are a major plus. The t-shirts and Birkenstocks can still be worn on any number of other occasions. And then there's that forklift...


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