sticking point

I spent a few hours last night and this morning revisiting past posts in an attempt to get "back into the swing of things." I came upon one post in particular that spoke to the change in blogging over the past ten years, and what I believe is the "sticking point."

The dialog that came out of early message boards and blogs is now gone. Having an open forum is a challenge. Trolls and negative anonymous comments shut down blogs. What started as a place for people to reach out and connect soon transitioned, first we set privacy settings and closed off the dialog, set moderation for comments, and then we shut down.

I have talked to many bloggers who started blogging to connect, often through hard times or challenges. And then the judgement came, and the need to protect your thoughts and feelings. The ultimate "thread kill." The blogging world irreversibly changed.

If you read articles on "how to start blogging" now you will find advice on how to format and structure your UX and manage your posts and monetize your work.

And as other social media platforms emerged we all learned that we need to "brand" ourselves. I think we are on the verge of another change. I can feel it.

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And two years after that first post about the changes in blogging I found this post. 


  1. I'm thinking that most of the trolls moved to Facebook (along with the rest of us a while back). It's much easier to be a jerk on FB, and the choice of targets is wider. With any luck, nastiness will be less frequent.


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