grieving past roles and moving on

We last left our heroine grieving her past life and roles...

 Six months later we find her emerging from a second season in a new career, and the role of mother has morphed from caregiver to banker and life coach. The role of wife mirrors more closely the early years, as the role of household manager becomes less demanding.

Mara continued classes and work this past summer and fall. New school, new job. That will be for a later post.

Elle continues to live near campus and go to school. She started a job this summer, joined a sorority this fall...and met this guy. Again, a post of it's own.

Traveling Man just learned that he is not, in fact, an only child.

And you see, this is where is all gets murky. What to say, what not to say...who will stumble upon these pages...

Life is never so clean and concise and well photographed as on Facebook.


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