benign, and moving on

6 weeks, 4 AP exams and one last tennis season for Mara. As many changes as we have faced in the past year, I suspect the next 2 years will bring even more...

The dynamics of the household will change with Mara at college and then Elle will be away at college and this house is going to seem awfully big for two of us. Plus, hopefully I will have a job in the next year. Etc etc.

I spent the last weekend filling out college medical forms and putting dates on the calendar looking forward to Mara's first long weekend and wondering if she will come home to visit, whether she will bring a roommate at Thanksgiving...And Mara was giving Elle a bad time about only 1 AP test this year, when Elle quickly pointed out she will have 4 each the next two years, reminding me she is on the downhill side...Elle is already freaking out about having the entire 2nd floor to herself the next two years. 

And then with Bob's travels, here I am.


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