transitions and reinventions

It rained last night and we woke to overcast skies. It was a true Northwest winter day. Except that we are in Indiana.

Today feels different. So many things are no longer hanging over us like a cloud.

Shortly after noon today the sun broke through the clouds. I had just finished a post on my garden blog about the plants and the space at the Vancouver house.
Vancouver, WA

Claiming Indiana as home will involve designing the garden space around this

There is a lot of work to do here... and I don't just mean the yard...

I volunteered at the Environmental Education Center yesterday. It's time to step out on the town. I sure hope that they are ready for me.


  1. The options! The planning! The dirt!!!! Life will be good ... you just have to grind it out for another 5 weeks with the rest of us -- by Mid-March, you'll start seeing light at the end of the tunnel: I PROMISE!

    Also ... funny ... came home from my trip downtown and our unplanted whiskey barrel sitting in a pile of lumpy earth and realized that I'll be able to plant that thing with impatiens and hopefully my transplanted hostas will come back, too. WE"RE ALMOST THERE!!!!

    1. OY! This poor neglected blog (working on that). A month has passed since this comments and here we are in 80 degree weather with half the lawn now gone :) (I'll post the garden projects over at This comment made me smile today as I realize how much has happened in the short month since the Vancouver house sold.


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