sewer scope finds shit

We have a pending sale on the other house. It was all going along smoothly until last night.

First, we are both skeptical and now suspicious of the buyer. He had a sewer scope performed on Monday and we were not notified that it failed until last night. At this time he also provided us with a bid, which upon inspection is not a viable bid. The contractor used manages 400K government contracts and bid items like "mobilization" and "demobilization" as well as seeding a non-existent lawn. This appear to us to be an attempt to manipulate us for more money.

While this may not be his intent it appears this way and also has severely impacted the timeline to meet the closing date. We are likely 2 weeks out scheduling a repair at best.

We have not yet received a copy of the scope, and our call to the inspector left us distrusting the inspection completely. If the buyer asks us to take care of the sewer issue we will have the line re-scoped and use a contractor that we select. Especially since one of the contractors we called, upon hearing who did the scope, recommended that we get another scope.

At this point we are preparing to handle the repair to put the house back on the market if necessary. The amount quoted on the bid is not the issue, the apparent manipulation of the situation is.

It is a tough market, we get that. But what happened to good faith business negotiations. 

Or maybe this guy is just a dumbshit. Or dishonest.

***** UPDATED *****

Yesterday we had two companies bid the sewer job. Interestingly, they did not find anything in their sewer scope to warrant replacing the line. They could have sold us a job, but were honest.

These companies were reputable. They performed the scope for free as part of the bid. I guess if you are a buyer and pay $165 for a sewer scope they will find something catastrophic.

One of the contractors that I called for advice (not bidding the job so nothing to gain) asked the name of the company who did the buyer's scope and upon hearing the name advised us to "get another scope."


  1. This is a bummer. But your headline is lovely.

    1. Triple T thanks for acknowledging my cyber venting. The situation stinks all the way around.


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