how the (real estate) bubble burst

signed, wired, waiting - official deed transfer by 5pm 2/15 

We signed on the house in Vancouver and wired funds to pay off the loans yesterday. This morning the buyer signed and the paperwork is at the lender for final approval. The deed will record tomorrow.

So, we are officially stuck in Indiana now. 

I broke down when we got the offer on the Vancouver house. I LOVED that house. When we bought that house I thought that we would retire there. It was PERFECT, a three bedroom, one bath slice of urbana. We were downtown and could walk or bicycle to shops, restaurants, the farmer's market and concerts in the park.

It was the picture perfect life.

I had never thought about Indiana, in fact I might have been hard pressed to locate it on a map 6 months ago.

So, here we are.


  1. Maybe something FABULOUS will happen in Indiana soon that will make it feel more like home. Hang in there!


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