healthy options for stress relief

It has been a very long past six months, and much of it came to a climax this week in the form of panic attacks and breakdowns.

I spent several hours over two days trying to calm one frantic teen having panic attacks. And talked the other down after she blew up in rage because she was so overwhelmed.

I had my own breakdown over the weekend. I think the catalyst was the pending sale of the Vancouver house. It was a huge relief, but also a significant conclusion to a very happy chapter of our life.

Things seemed calmer yesterday. Bob returned from his travels a day early and we counseled the girls about their stress. We also made doctors appointments and agreed to get a YMCA membership so that we all had a healthy option for stress relief.

I asked the girls to list the top stressors that they were feeling and got lists that ranged from boys and prom to graduation and grades, and learning how to manage money and do taxes. One of them even noted that she was concerned about me being alone.

According to an online stress calculator I am experiencing "significant" stress. It is probably pretty accurate. I have been re-reading William Bridge's Transitions, a book assigned in graduate school to the education and MBA candidates.

Stress is a real condition that requires that it be recognized and addressed. Sometimes medically, always physically and mentally with exercise and supportive talk.

And I should probably cut back from 3 pots of coffee a day.


  1. Love the twist at the end. I am cutting off Diet Coke after lunch, as it tends to make me irritable.


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