gluten free wasteland

It's the GMO issues, out of season selections and frankly just the quality of the produce - I remember this from when I lived in Chicago - we go to the place people tell us has the best produce and it looks like what I chuck to compost.

And we all know it can be covered in glysophate and still called organic under the labeling laws ;)

Gluten free sections in stores are barely a 4ft unit and finding gluten free flours other than rice and corn is near impossible, and of course gluten free labeling laws allow 20ppm contamination... and we have yet to find a gluten free bakery.

There are choices, they just suck.

There are no Whole Foods or Trader Joe's type stores locally, Bob is picking up condiments, dressings etc when he goes through St Louis or Chicago.

And what we do find is 2X or more expensive - cheese blows us away, let alone the fact that we can't find a 2lb loaf of natural cheddar, what we can find is 16oz at 2x what we paid for a 2lb loaf {rolling eyes}

And - hello - I didn't know polystyrene even existed anymore! WTF - packaging is a whole other issue!

Why is the celery/potatoes/lettuce etc. in a plastic bag?


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