...center of the home?

When we first unpacked the kitchen it seemed to make sense where I stored each item. But now it appears there needs to be a reorganization.

Kitchens are a really personal thing. I like a kitchen that is small, but well organized for baking and cooking. I prefer the kitchen to be separate from the dining area and believe in the formal dining space and family table. This is probably a large factor in my preference for pre-war era dated homes.

A lot of people use kitchens for entertaining. Nothing annoys me more than standing or sitting around a kitchen as the center of entertainment in a home. I think that this distracts from the importance of food preparation and the concept of the family table. These are two issues I feel strongly about in today's American culture.

We have learned to expect food to be fast and convenient at the expense of health and nutrition, and we have opted out of the family table where bonds and relationships are built and fostered.

A neighbor once asked us what we were all laughing about one evening, because they could hear us through the open windows that summer as we sat around the table, as a family.


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