time zone

Why does 5am come so early? Last year I was up at 4:30 am everyday, so this shouldn't be SO hard! And I use to stay up until at least 11pm lesson planning, so why do I have trouble facing it now? 

7 more days of school and one last push over this weekend studying for finals and they can crash! I didn't pick them up until about 5pm last night and it looks like same all week with labs and projects. Today is the last day of state exams. Of course none of Mara's teachers considered that the new kid would be taking the exam so she is the odd one out with the load of work this week. Hopefully a classmate will come help her study the constitutional law cases tonight for the test tomorrow. 

I cleaned up files and pictures on my laptop yesterday. Almost everything is on a removable drive, but I had downloads that I never transferred. That stuff takes so long! But I had just done maintenance on the girls computers so I guess I was in the mood. 

And I was avoiding budget spreadsheets!  $400 of heating oil delivered to a vacant house yesterday. Ouch! Hopefully that will get us through until it sells! I considered crawling back in bed after the girls left, but by then I had my first pot of coffee in me - so, might as well tackle those spreadsheets!


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