{sigh} damn FDA, gluten free and the ppm

FDA labeling allows "gluten free" on anything "less than 20 ppm" but then (use mercury as an analogy) what is your total consumption per day - studies show intestinal damage at 5ppm per day for celiacs.

Many products are marketed as gluten free, but upon closer look at the company website, you will learn they are not safe for celiacs:
Frito-Lay has validated through analytic testing that the following products contain less than 20 ppm of gluten.
This list contains Sanitas Corn chips and Lay's potato chips

The Frito-Lay products listed below do not contain wheat, rye, barley or oat ingredients (we include oats in this list as a precaution as oats are often commingled with gluten-containing grains). Please note however, some of the products listed below may be manufactured on the same lines as products that contain gluten. Although our lines are washed between batches, Frito-Lay has not tested these products for gluten content and the ingredients in these products may have come into contact with gluten-containing products prior to manufacturing. Individuals who are sensitive to gluten should take these factors into consideration in consuming these products.

This list includes Ruffles

Here is a look at that labeling law:


Avoid cheese products that are light, spreads, creams (thickeners), cottage cheese, processed, "american."
The following terms found in food labels may mean that there is gluten in the product:

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP)
Flour or Cereal products
Vegetable Protein
Malt or Malt Flavoring
Modified Starch or Modified Food Starch
Vegetable Gum
Soy Sauce or Soy Sauce Solids

Any of the following words on food labels often mean that a grain containing gluten has been used:

plant protein

MAY contain gluten:

mustard, taco sauce (salsa?), brewer's yeast, curry powder, synthetic pepper, citric acid (rare), dextrin (rare), dextrose, malt, maltodextrin, seitan


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