When we moved out of Suburbia we upgraded quite a bit.

A smaller lot. And no fence.

One bathroom. Really. With teenage girls.

A one car detached garage. With plans for a greenhouse. Or studio.

The kids walk to school. Uphill both ways.

No garbage disposal. We compost and vermicompost.

No more open floor plan or vaulted ceilings with skylights. Instead, we have crown molding and plaster. And lots of creaks and moans.

And a real fireplace. Not one that turns on with a switch.

This blog will diary the day to day choices we make and the experiences that we have as we take on life.

We lived in Suburbia for a dozen years.

And then we escaped.

We didn't know how stifling it was until we breathed in the city smells and woke to the sounds of trains passing in the night.

We can walk to our life now. Or bicycle.


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